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“I don’t know if he thinks she’ll be unfaithful, but according to Koothrappali, she’s gonna leave Leonard eventually — why not get it over with.” Speaking of Raj, his days of squatting with Leonard and Penny are “numbered,” reveals the EP, before teasing, “But where he ends up is even less glamorous than Sheldon’s old room.” SEASON FINALE (MAY 11): Keeping with this season’s ex-factor theme, Sheldon’s onetime admirer Ramona (Riki Lindhome) finds herself back in his orbit — and while Amy is away at Princeton no less.As Molaro notes, “Sheldon is smart, but he may not be smart enough to realize he’s being aggressively pursued by a brilliant, former Olympic swimmer.” PRE-FINALE: The FBI task force will be chasing down some of the series’ most dangerous blacklisters yet, including a mercenary known as The Debt Collector (who comes after Liz) and a bounty hunter (who targets Red’s closest associates). Kaplan is the one that Red should fear most as Season 4 nears its end. Kaplan knows deep, dark secrets about Reddington and his past that will undermine his criminal empire in ways he never expected,” series creator Jon Bokenkamp tells us.Roman Emperors distributed portrait busts of themselves to every corner of their empire; the Roman Church decorated their cathedrals, abbeys and churches with tens of thousands of statues and relief sculptures to convey the message of the Bible; Pharaohs, Kings and Emperors from Ancient Egypt, Persia, Greece and the modern world, have invested fortunes in monumental sculpture to commemorate success in battle.Modern tyrants, from Stalin to Saddam Hussein, have errected statues as monuments to their glorious rule.PRE-FINALE: Penny’s ex Zack (Brian Thomas Smith) resurfaces and tempts her with a tantalizing job offer, much to Leonard’s chagrin.“Leonard is definitely uncomfortable with the thought of Penny going to work for her old boyfriend,” previews showrunner Steve Molaro.

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About 30 minutes after meeting Lewis at his door, Blackburn heard his wife, Gloria, anxiously calling for him. Blackburn stepped in to pull the five-foot, ten-inch Lewis off the painter, grabbing him by the shoulder and yelling at him to stop.

Not-Quite-A-Spoiler Alert: Some general Cars 2 plot points are discussed below, but we don’t give away much. If you saw Pixar’s 2006 creation Cars and visit this site, chances are you enjoyed the automotive-themed Disney opus.

Kids everywhere loved watching—and continue to watch, repeatedly, in the back seats of minivans everywhere—Lightning Mc Queen and the gang competing for the Piston Cup, and parents appreciated the movie’s intelligence and subtle adult-grade humor.

The deck overlooked a 1927 Spanish-style mansion known as the Writers’ Villa, where an elderly real estate broker and arts patron named Cathy Davis had opened her doors to generations of playwrights, screenwriters, novelists, and actors while they developed their talents and adjusted to Hollywood life.

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“Nice to meet you, John,” Blackburn replied, with a raised eyebrow.PRE-FINALE: Though most of your favorites will survive the impending “death wave” — which arrives in 10 days! and the SCPD launch a manhunt for Adrian Chase, Helix offers Felicity a solution to that problem — in trade for something big and illegal.

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