Updating rpm packages linux

19-Nov-2016 07:36

That distribution may either reside in a local directory (possibly NFS mounted) or on a ftp server.

If the -ftp option is specified, RPM:: Update retrieves directory listings from the ftpserver's directory/ is set to noarch, i386, i586, i686, and athlon consecutively.

In the background, the RPM database ensures that no conflicts arise — a specific file can only belong to one package.

By choosing different options, you can force will only delete the package if there are no unresolved dependencies.

[PACKAGE_NAME] [-a,--all] [-f,--file FILE] [-g,--group GROUP] {-p,--package PACKAGE_FILE] [--fileid ID] [--hdrid SHA1] [--pkgid MD5] [--tid TID] [--querybynumber HDRNUM] [--triggeredby PACKAGE_NAME] [--whatprovides CAPABILITY] [--whatrequires CAPABILITY] [--changelog] [-c,--configfiles] [-d,--docfiles] [--dump] [--filesbypkg] [-i,--info] [--last] [-l,--list] [--provides] [--qf,--queryformat QUERYFMT] [-R,--requires] [--scripts] [-s,--state] [--triggers,--triggerscripts] [--nodeps] [--nofiles] [--noscripts] [--nodigest] [--nosignature] [--nolinkto] [--nofiledigest] [--nosize] [--nouser] [--nogroup] [--nomtime] [--nomode] [--nordev] [--nocaps] [--aid] [--allfiles] [--badreloc] [--excludepath OLDPATH] [--excludedocs] [--force] [-h,--hash] [--ignoresize] [--ignorearch] [--ignoreos] [--includedocs] [--justdb] [--nodeps] [--nodigest] [--nosignature] [--nosuggest] [--noorder] [--noscripts] [--notriggers] [--oldpackage] [--percent] [--prefix NEWPATH] [--relocate OLDPATH=NEWPATH] [--replacefiles] [--replacepkgs] [--test] rpm is a powerful Package Manager, which can be used to build, install, query, verify, update, and erase individual software packages.

These options can be used in all the different modes.

The default FILELIST is /usr/lib/rpm/rpmrc:/usr/lib/rpm/redhat/rpmrc:/etc/rpmrc:~/.rpmrc. Use the file system tree rooted at DIRECTORY for all operations.

If run with the -ftp option, all rpm packages that need to be downloaded (see the --download, --recheck, and --update options) will be downloaded into the directory specified by the -d directory option.

Check out the man pages for a list of all the available options.

Using the "-i" flag indicates you are attempting an install of one or more packages.

The meta-data includes helper scripts, file attributes, and descriptive information about the package.

rpm [--allmatches] [--nodeps] [--noscripts] [--notriggers] [--test] PACKAGE_NAME ... A package consists of an archive of files and meta-data used to install and erase the archive files.

Each of the files in the colon separated FILELIST is read sequentially by rpm for configuration information.

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