Roissy dating market value test

06-Aug-2016 23:11

The endless debates about topics like “Do Looks Matter?

” or “Daygame vs Night Game” reveal that men don’t understand the market in which they’re attempting to sell, or even what they’re meant to be selling and for what price.

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A girl’s SMV is simply based on her age and looks, whereas we’ve got a whole host of components that we can display using different mechanisms.

It’s in our hands to build it and sell it in a myriad of ways.

In our M-SMV movie we’re not only the lead role, director and producer, but we’re the marketing and sales team involved in its release.

That's probably too far to the wizened end, since building up celebrity credentials at such a high level tends to require a little time after initially being discovered.

Agnostic looked at the age of porn actors and found an average of 22.8 years.

Other useful advice, even to Christian young men, is to avoid being a milquetoast “nice guy;” our feminized churches have turned the average churchgoing Christian male into a wimp singing “prom songs to Jesus.” I think this largely explains the success of Mark Driscoll, who, besides offering a more meaty theology than 95% of evangelical churches, also provides a positive masculine example.