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But when asked if she would consider returning to reality television, the former Newlyweds star was quick to reply 'No!

' Jessica was previously married from 2002 to 2006 to boy band star Nick Lachey.

But I'm like, I'm always on the go and doing something, but he always just takes care of me.'It's no wonder the busy star is always on the go - Jessica also revealed she'll be releasing new music this year.

The sometime singer has been recording her eighth studio album with Grammy-nominated hitmaker Linda Perry as far back as January 2016.

Texas Chainsaw, left his brains all danglin from his neck, while his head barely hangs on Blood, guts, guns, cuts Knives, lives, wives, nuns, sluts Chorus: Eminem Bitch I'ma kill you! Now shut the fuck up and get what's comin to you You were supposed to love me NOW BLEED! I'm actually gonna do it or that I believe in it Well, shit.. ) Please Lord, this boy needs Jesus Heal this child, help us destroy these demons Oh, and please send me a brand new car And a prostitute while my wife's sick in the hospital Preacher preacher, fifth grade teacher You can't reach me, my mom can't neither You can't teach me a goddamn thing cause I watch TV, and Comcast cable and you ain't able to stop these thoughts You can't stop me from toppin these charts And you can't stop me from droppin each March with a brand new cd for these fuckin retards Duhhh, and to think, it's just little ol' me Mr.

You don't wanna fuck with me Girls neither - you ain't nuttin but a slut to me Bitch I'ma kill you! if you believe that then I'll kill you You know why? "Don't Give A Fuck," still won't leave Chorus: Eminem (repeat 2X) I'm a CRIMINAL Cuz every time I write a rhyme, these people think it's a crime to tell em what's on my mind - I guess I'm a CRIMINAL but I don't gotta say a word, I just flip em the bird and keep goin, I don't take shit from no one [Eminem] My mother did drugs - tar, liquor, cigarettes, and speed The baby came out - disfigured, ligaments indeed It was a seed who would grow up just as crazy as she Don't dare make fun of that baby cause that baby was me I'm a CRIMINAL - an animal caged who turned crazed But how the fuck you sposed to grow up when you weren't raised?

Johnson also holds two master's degrees, but beyond the three degrees, K.

Murry Johnson wants the readers of Corey @ I'll Keep You Posted to know that he is more interested in telling meaningful love stories of black men who are not ashamed nor afraid to love one another.

It incorporates a plethora of genres: black, gay, vampire, coming of age, mystery, fantasy, and historical, but most of all it is a love story.) Put your hands down bitch, I ain't gon' shoot you I'ma pull YOU to this bullet, and put it through you (AHHH!) Shut up slut, you're causin too much chaos Just bend over and take it like a slut, okay Ma? Repeat 1 (2x) [Eminem] Translation So you can suck my dick if you don't like, my shit Cause I was high when I wrote this so suck, my dick - ha ha! ) I'm fuckin anything when I'm snortin It's gonna cost 300 dollars to get my pit bull an abortion Some bitch asked for my autograph I called her a whore, spit beer in her face and laughed I drop bombs like I was in Vietnam All bitches is hoes, even my stinkin ass mom [Kuniva] Aiyyo flashback, two feets, two deep up in that ass crack Weed laced with somethin nigga pass that In Amsterdam we only hang out with hash rats At a 'Stop the Violence' rally, I blast gats Be your mom on publishin, get your ASCAP-ped The Kuniva, divide up your cash stack Want your motherfuckin pockets, ASAP I don't need a platinum chain, bitch I snatch Shaq's Born loser, half theif and half black Bring your boys and your guns and get laughed at Bitch smacker, rich rappers get their Jag jacked and found chopped up in a trash bag [Proof] We stranglin rappers until the point they can't yell cause they crew is full of fags and sweeter than bake sales Reckless, come from behind and snatch your necklace Gruesome, and causin more violence than nine hoodlums I grapple your adam's apple until it crackle Run right past you, turn around, grab you and stab you Get executed, cuz I'm a "Luni" I got a "Yukmouth" and it's polluted I cock it back then shoot it I love snatchin up players thugs and young ballers Shoot up the household, even the young toddlers Brigade barricade to bring the noise While the bullets break your bones up like Christmas toys If I go solo, I'm doin a song with Bolo A big Chinese nigga, screamin "Kuniva yo yo.." I leave ya face leakin, run up in church and smack the preacher while he's preachin Take a swing at the deacon [Kon Artis] I used to tell cats I sold weed and weight I was straight 'til I got caught sellin em shake I'm ignorant, with the intent to snatch your rent I got kicked out of summer camp for havin sex in my tent with the superintendent's daughter, my brain's out of order I've been a Kon Artis since I was swimmin in water In cahoots with this nigga named Fall Out Von Who got fired from UPS for tryin' to send you a bomb (Special delivery!Stories beyond the downlow and not based soley on sex.

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"I'm very passionate about black gay issues and black people being treated equally and fairly" he says.The image of emeralds and chocolate is a visually stimulating and almost decadent combination. But don't tell any of that to Eric Peterson, the brilliant but extremely lonely, young student who has fallen in love with him. Set in Louisiana, Johnson incorporates the intrigue of old New Orleans and its surroundings through an epic telling of a historical slave narrative, the curious magic of voodoo and the delicious element of black gay vampires thus setting the stage for a new Southern Gothic. He grew up just 13 miles outside of New Orleans, and attended the prestigious Louisiana School for Math, Science and the Arts.