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06-Oct-2016 08:23

"They vowed to remain best of friends." The 62-year-old former model and the "Hurts So Good" singer met at a party in the Hamptons in 2015.Kat Dennings, Josh Groban split after two years: report Just two months ago, Brinkley told People when she first met Mellencamp, 64, she didn't think they were a good match. He's kind of a throwback from another time, like a silent cowboy,'" she told People.The Internet has been startled to hear that comedian Jon Lovitz, 58, and model Jessica Lowndes, 27, say they're engaged.(That's a 31-year age difference, if you're counting.) Lowndes later hinted that their coupling was an April Fools' joke.

The couple were spied departing an Upper East Side Italian restaurant on Saturday night holding hands because, after all, everyone needs a hand to hold on to.Model Christie Brinkley arrives at the premiere of Ides of March in New York October 5.