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14-Dec-2016 20:43

"No one ever told me that girls couldn't do math and science, but there was an understanding, right? So I remember getting this script, being very upset because I felt like a dream was stolen from me.

And it became my mission and everyone's mission who was involved with this film, to dispel that myth so that another young girl would not grow up thinking that her mind wasn't capable of grasping math and science."Then she went on to emphasize the film's message of unity—one more important than ever now. "I hate that it's man versus woman, black versus white, gay versus straight.

It's been revealed that couples who meet through online dating are 25% less likely to seperate than couples who meet through more traditional means.

If it were not for these women, we wouldn't be in space. When they become adults, the three siblings will have a wizard competition to decide who will become the family wizard of their generation and keep his or her wizard powers.Harper used to have a crush on Justin, but now is in love with Justin's best friend, Zeke, who finds out about the Russo's wizard powers in season 4.In one of the MTV Movie Awards' best surprises of the night, Congresswoman Maxine Waters came out to give the Fight Against the System award with Tracee Ellis Ross. "I will take this moment to go off script and say Congresswoman Maxine Waters, thank you," she began. Henson first got personal: "I grew up with an understanding," she started.

And thank you for being an extraordinary example for all of us, especially in these times." Waters hugged her and thanked her the winner of the award. Henson came up to accept and deliver a Taraji-level powerful speech. He made us all different for a reason so we better figure it out."Oh, my god, this popcorn is heavy. Like I hate the separatism, I hate that it's man versus woman, black versus white, gay versus straight. Alex's best friend Harper (Jennifer Stone) also found out about the Russos' wizard powers in season 2.

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