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15-Aug-2016 19:10

After returning from our second honeymoon cruise, my husband and I agreed dancing each night in the little lounge on our ship added to the romance. They’re all old and crotchety.” I know it’s hard to believe but I was relieved to hear this. Those old people shouldn’t be on the road.” It was then an inner struggle to refrain from pointing out that she herself had more than a nodding acquaintance with the local traffic cop. The six of them lined up along the mirror frame in her dining room were like old dance programs she had kept as a teenager.

It is possible to live loving your 60-year-old body as much as you loved your 20- year-old body, and loving your mate more than when you were younger, thinner, and hotter.With silver railings up its white-washed steps and an all-white tiled roof, the 8-metre square building has taken Thai construction company SCG around 19 days to complete.